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mathI find the hardest part of my week very often is when I sit down to help my daughter with her math.  She is so very stubborn, and loses patience with herself very quickly.  It is so hard to talk to her, or maintain a sense of peace when each question ends with pencils being thrown or books being slammed shut.

I KNOW she understands this.  I see her do it.  But even when she does it correctly, she looks up at me and tells me she doesn’t get it.

How much like my faith life is this struggle.

I KNOW what I am called to do.  I do it as faithfully as I can.  But some days I just look up at God and cry “I don’t get it!”.

And God does the same thing I do with my little ten year old.  He assures me that I, in fact, DO get it.  That I am doing what is right and good.  That I just need to continue to work on it until it becomes so natural that I can do it without thinking.

My faith requires work.  It is not a “sit back and let God love me” kind of faith.  I feel like I am very truly called to work towards sharing love, growing in love, and accepting love.  All of these things come with effort from me.  With forming my mind and my actions around what I know to be good and true.  Even if I don’t understand, one day I will.  One day I will be grateful that God, with his everlasting patience and mercy, took the time to redirect me towards him and remind me that I do understand, and even if I don’t do it right, He will love me anyways and help me to “get it”.

Please pray for me as I pray for you often.

Catholic Momma

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Some weeks are better than others.  This week I have desperately struggled with balance.  I am currently enrolled in two university courses in an effort to complete my Master’s Degree, and I think I have bit off more than I can chew.  My home is becoming neglected, and I miss my time with the hubs and kids.  I feel like I am in a cycle of work, study, sleep, repeat.  I can admit when I think I am stressed, and this week has definitely been the week.

So I am going to relax.  This weekend is a long weekend for us.  “Family Day” weekend in fact.  I am going to work on my home, but more importantly, I am going to cuddle my kids.  I am going to kiss my husband passionately.  I am going to read a non-school related novel.  I am going to *gasp* take a bath.  I am going to re-balance, re-focus, and re-energize and be a better mom and a better wife.

Thank God for long weekends.

Pray for me as I pray for you always.

In Christ,
Catholic Momma

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Last night as we were cuddling, my three year old asked if she could watch a show on TV.  I said no, so she asked me to tell her a story.

Now, as any mother knows, sometimes “Tell me a story” is a LOT harder than it sounds sometimes.  Sometimes we are tired.  Sometimes we are not creative.  Sometimes we just get writers block.

Last night was one of those times.

I sat there for a minute trying to think of some stories I knew.  I discarded some of the over told ones (bye bye three little pigs), and I started to think if I knew any newer ones.  I tried to stumble through the Christmas story, but to integrate the pre-Christmas stuff was just too much for me last night.  So, I decided to start with just SOMETHING.

“Once upon a time…”(think think think)

“There was a… girl…”(cripes, what girl stories do I know?)

“Her name was….”
(Think of a good name!  I should know SOME…  I have had four girls for Pete’s sake)

(oh man, now this better be AWESOME since I am using her name)

At this point, Tia looked up at me beaming.  She was so excited to hear a story about HER!  I smiled and continued.

“The little girl was magic.”

*Tia’s voice here* “Am I magic???”

“Well, you see it is a special kind of magic.  This little girl could make people smile just by being around her.”

From here on in she was so proud to be this little girl.  I told her a ‘story’ that was basically just a run down of the day, but she was amazed by it.  Captivated.  I ended with:

“And the little girl yawned, was very tired, got into her pajamas and went to bed.”

*Tia* “Sounds like she is a big girl.”

“Yep, she is starting to be…”

And to my amazement, she got up, got in her pjs and went to bed.

Since then she has been asking me to tell her more and more “Tia stories”.  So I tell her the funny ones of when she was little, and the mundane ones of regular days, and the exciting ones of the future.  And she loves it.  Every minute of it.

So I thought about my life, and about how much I need to appreciate the “Catholic Momma” stories of my everyday experience.  About how I have “magical” abilities to cook dinner, and bring smiles.  How even my seemingly mundane days are great stories in the book of my life.

I am so, so grateful for the gifts that my children bring me.  Even when it is reminding me of things like this.  I thank God every day for them.

Pray for me, as I pray for you.

In Christ,

Catholic Momma

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So my daughter had a school assignment due on January 31.  Of course it was put off until it was too late, and… well… long story short, we were making her do it on February 7.

Anyways, what you need to know about this particular child is that she is stubborn, and meticulous.  She has to do things perfectly, or not at all.    Not that she ever does things perfectly, but she makes things A-MAZ-ING in her head and then when she can’t bring it to fruition she ends up frustrated beyond frustration.

Anyways, as she began her work, she had decided on “sapphires”  (it was a rock/mineral project).  So she had to make a poster with basic facts (mining, environmental impact, etc.)  – On a side note, it annoys me that schools always ask for environmental impact, but they never ask about ethical issues involving humans, like trafficking or child labor , but on with my story…  She was looking up information and drawing her poster.  Her father tried to help.  It ended up one, big mess.

About an hour later, she came down and presented me with a poster that was… well… atrocious.  The spelling was COMPLETELY all over the board – albeit they were hard words like ‘deforestation’, but still – it was absolutely unacceptable to hand in as an assignment.  Which I told her, “Looks great honey, let’s go fix the spelling errors together.”


“Well, you can’t hand in a poster like that.  It looks terrible with those spelling mistakes.  Let’s fix the spelling.”


“Well, then let me write out the words on this sheet of paper the right way, and you can correct them.”



She then came up a few minutes later, apologized for having attitude (yay!), but then when I suggested she fix it, she absolutely refused.  Sigh.

Meanwhile, I was getting petty and angry at my husband for not helping enough.  So I was sooooo annoyed on many levels.

Fast forward to the next day.

The next morning, she woke up, and refused to take her assignment to school because “it wasn’t done”, but it was more of a matter of her being embarrassed at the result.

Every morning as they leave for school, I say a prayer with my girls at the front door.  Usually it is something simple like “Dear God, thank you for today, Please help us to be more like you and to share your love today in all ways.”

This morning I was in a pickle.  I was mad at hubby, I was mad at kid, and the last thing I wanted was to be more like Him.  That involved lots of forgiving (which I didn’t want to do because I was mad), and kindness (also hard to ask for since I was frustrated).  So I worded an awkward “Dear God, thank you for today.  Please bless all the kids who need help today.”

Now, the interesting thing, is now that I ponder it, I realize I am just like my kid and her assignment.  Sometimes He only wants little corrections and we are so stubborn, and so insistent to do it “our way” (even though it is not right, and ends up being a mess that we are to embarrassed to show anyone).  So, I swallowed my pride, asked forgiveness for my attitude, and fixed my ‘assignment’ with my hubby and kid.

And one of my dogs pee’d on the assignment that my kid did, so we are going to work on it together this weekend.

Hopefully this time we are both a little less stubborn and have a lot better of a result.


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