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Well.  The time has come.  I have decided to start blogging.

I figured my first post should probably be a bit about me.  I am a Catholic mom of 4 girls (8,6,2,1), have two female chihuahuas, and one male husband.  I am a photographer.  I volunteer as often and as much as I can.   I love sarcasm.  I hate Caillou (and yet my two year old loves it, go figure).  I enjoy a drink or two, and have struggled with smoking (or more precisely, not smoking) for years.   I am working hard, doing the best I can, trying to be holy, to raise kids that love God (and know how to put that into action), and to love my husband of ten years (no matter how many hours he spends on the computer).  I have traveled to Italy, kissed boo boos, and graduated from university with a degree in psychology (not in that order).

I think I am going to try to pick a topic a day to share thoughts on.   Today’s topic: Kids.

Recently I was out with a group of ladies that I am casual acquaintances with.  They were all discussing their ways that they are avoiding kids.  Most think I am crazy for using NFP.  They point to the fact that I have four kids as an example of my “failure” (not even considering that I could have *gasp* planned to have this many, and maybe more).  It’s crazy to me because when I really, really am honest with myself, a lot of my belief in NFP started from the fact that I wanted to be obedient to the Church.  I have this crazy notion that the institution that has been around for thousands of years with the greatest theologians to possibly have walked the earth may possibly understand the “big picture” more than me.  This is a hard teaching for me.  I feel like I am inundated every single day with reasons why I should get “fixed”, or have hubby “fixed”  (although he is not broken).  Why I should be on the pill, or using SOMETHING to prevent another baby.  It is hard because I am so secular, and so weak sometimes.  Sometimes I wish I did plan out everything “my” way and have the cars and vacations.

I like the idea of a planned out life.  Kids bring chaos.  I struggle with that.  Lots of prayer happens in my life around this topic alone.  I can’t tell you how many times I have found kids painting walls with their poop, or my poor dogs being ridden like horses.  Two years ago, we decided to announce to the kids that we were going to be spending the Next New Year’s eve in Mexico (I was somehow going to make money work), two months later, we let them know they get a new sibling instead.  My second youngest has a flair for getting in the most trouble as possible in the least time as possible.  We built our home 5 years ago, and now have fingerprints, Sharpie, dents, and crayon art almost everywhere.  I can’t stay organized to save my life.  This is the sort of thing I find in my fridge constantly (in case you can’t figure it out, one of my kids decided that they would bite out the side of a cucumber, then changes their mind):

And yes, that is also 3 bottles of Parmesan cheese.  I happen to have light, regular, and an extra one that I bought because I thought we were out.  On a separate note, in the back there is the first jar of cheese whiz that I have ever purchased. Bought it two days ago b/c it was on sale cheap. I am not even sure what to use it for, but it was a great sale..

I spend a lot of time in prayer asking for strength and humility and perseverance.  I am so happy that we have a God that is who He is.  I wish I could say that I am a strong, awesome Catholic,  but I am really just a normal mom, trying to live my faith the best that I can in a world that thinks I am crazy for it.  I love my kids more than sunshine, I love my husband, and I am so grateful that so often my prayers are answered when it comes to these things.

(oh, by the way, the kids turned out to be more happy with their sister than any trip to Mexico after all.)   🙂

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