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So when I went back to work, I decided to make a commitment to my friends and family, and even to people I don’t know.

Every day I give up my day in prayer.  All my joys, all my struggles.  And I do it for someone I know, or someone I don’t.  I have prayed for people in news stories, I have prayed for people who are part of Facebook groups that I am in.  I have prayed for my husband, my best friend, my children.  Sometimes it is random (look up a name on my Facebook friends), sometimes it is specific (like when I know someone is in need of prayer).  I almost always try to tell the person that I am praying for them.  I try to make a point of randomly praying for them throughout the day.  Sometimes one-liners (Lord, please bless X today). Sometimes ‘Our Father’s.  Sometimes just stopping to be silent.

My main concern is that I am very specific, and that I dedicate my day.  All my sorrows, all my joys.  All of it.  Lifted in prayer for others.

I have had interesting results.

The first thing I noticed is that no matter how bad my day has been, it has been much more bearable.  It is much easier to bear burdens when you know that the struggle is going towards a person.  I have read of lots of saints that have done this, and I am really seeing, and feeling the fruits of this.  I feel much lighter. My suffering is no longer for nothing.  My joys are shared.  I am able to be more gentle with people.  The reminder that my life is a prayer always, and that I am always called to love even more makes everything… well… easier.

The other thing is that I am finding I am connecting with people in a more sincere way.  When I tell people that I am praying for them, I sometimes get a response, sometimes I don’t, but I always am thinking of them, caring for them, loving them in a way that I may have neglected.  It is another gentle reminder to myself about how we are all connected.

This ‘prayer project’ has truly changed how I live, and how I face my days.  I encourage you to try for yourself.

Please pray for me as I pray for you and your families.

In Christ,
Catholic Momma

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