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So, I recently spoke to someone about our grocery budgets.  She was shocked at how low mine was.  Not sure why.  I am certainly not a coupon clipper.  I don’t scout for sales or pre-plan my shopping.  I like brand names.  I was thinking and thinking about it, and then I came to some sort of run down.

School lunches make me want to punch myself in the face.  I hate them.  LOATHE them.  I don’t know how people do it.  I can never seem to find the right set of easy yet healthy yet cheap.  Half of it comes home wasted.  I hate them. I wish I knew how other super moms pack their lunches.  I looked into those bento box lunch boxes and almost fainted.  Some people spend 40 bucks on these things!  My kids would lose them in 2 days.  Permanent lunch containers are a no go for us.  I googled “Five dollar meal” lunches.  One site sent only 2 boiled eggs, some water, and an apple.  Is this the norm?  My kids would starve on that!  I have not in any way been able to come to a conclusion about this.  I have gotten better, but certainly haven’t mastered it.

As for dinners and other meals, basically, I buy what is on sale, plan out my meals while I am walking through Safeway (the only place I shop because the music is always good.  Make fun of me now…) .  I shop once a week, so every week has different items on sale.  I use up my pantry before I shop.  That’s about it.  I find the fact that I cook at home with basic ingredients is the main reason.  I love http://www.mealsmatter.org.  They got me started on the basics of meal planning.  And sometimes, I just look in my fridge, enter some ingredients into google with the word “recipe” and see what comes up. That’s it.  That is all I do, and my grocery bill seems to be quite a bit lower than some people (if you also factor in take out as groceries, which I do).  I love the fact that my husband brags to his friends about my cooking.

Other items?  Well, I was watching Nineteen Kids and Counting.  Man, those people make their own laundry soap!  Wha?  I am certainly not that domesticated yet.  I just buy what I like, and try to wait for it to be on sale.

And now for my kid story of the day.

Yesterday, I stood my eight year old in front of a mirror and asked her “Honey, what do you see there?”  She looked and said “I see a tall, wise girl…  Standing behind me.”   And THAT is why she is so awesome.  😀

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