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mathI find the hardest part of my week very often is when I sit down to help my daughter with her math.  She is so very stubborn, and loses patience with herself very quickly.  It is so hard to talk to her, or maintain a sense of peace when each question ends with pencils being thrown or books being slammed shut.

I KNOW she understands this.  I see her do it.  But even when she does it correctly, she looks up at me and tells me she doesn’t get it.

How much like my faith life is this struggle.

I KNOW what I am called to do.  I do it as faithfully as I can.  But some days I just look up at God and cry “I don’t get it!”.

And God does the same thing I do with my little ten year old.  He assures me that I, in fact, DO get it.  That I am doing what is right and good.  That I just need to continue to work on it until it becomes so natural that I can do it without thinking.

My faith requires work.  It is not a “sit back and let God love me” kind of faith.  I feel like I am very truly called to work towards sharing love, growing in love, and accepting love.  All of these things come with effort from me.  With forming my mind and my actions around what I know to be good and true.  Even if I don’t understand, one day I will.  One day I will be grateful that God, with his everlasting patience and mercy, took the time to redirect me towards him and remind me that I do understand, and even if I don’t do it right, He will love me anyways and help me to “get it”.

Please pray for me as I pray for you often.

Catholic Momma


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So, two weeks ago, as I was pulling out of somewhere with my eight year old, I backed into a neighbors car.  No witnesses, barely any damage.  The dilemma started there.  Was is bad enough to leave a note?  If I do, what if she is crazy and tries to inflate costs?  If I don’t, would I be able to look myself in the mirror?  Would I be able to look my daughter in the eye?

So I left a note.

The woman never called.  I sat on it for a week, then went and knocked on her door.  She said that she saw no damage.  I walked her out and showed her precisely where I hit, and the small indent.  She said she would get an estimate and then get back to me.

Another week passes.

There was a knock on the door today.  It was my neighbor with her estimate.  $850.  Yep, you read that right.  EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS.  Holy snap.  That is a lot of money.  So I apologized again and got on the phone with my insurance because, unfortunately, I don’t have that kind of money in my back pocket.

Now, long story short, they will pay.  In the end, with my rate increases that will inevitably come, and my deductible, I am the one paying in the long run, but for now the cost is covered, and my neighbors car will be repaired.

I am so grateful today that I am blessed with a life that I have the ability to have a car.  I am so grateful that I have the finances to afford insurance.  And I am sooooo grateful that I was honest.

I guess the cost of honesty is a lighter soul (and a lighter pocketbook 😉 ).


QUICK UPDATE:  Looks like I have no deductible since there was no damage to my car, and my rates may not go up because of an accident insurance clause.  So, my pocketbook can now worry about other things like the mortgage.  🙂

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