I figured my first post should probably be a bit about me. I am a Catholic mom of 4 girls (8,6,2,1), have two female chihuahuas, and one male husband. I am a photographer. I volunteer as often and as much as I can. I love sarcasm. I hate Caillou (and yet my two year old loves it, go figure). I enjoy a drink or two, and have struggled with smoking (or more precisely, not smoking) for years. I plan on being honest on here. Probably better that I am a bit anonymous. I am working hard, doing the best I can, trying to be holy, to raise kids that love God (and know how to put that into action), and to love my husband of ten years (no matter how many hours he spends on the computer). I have traveled to Italy, kissed boo boos, and graduated from university with a degree in psychology (not in that order).

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